About Gillman Barracks

Set amidst lush tropical greenery and iconic historical sites, Gillman Barracks is a contemporary arts precinct in Singapore. It takes its name from the colonial British military barracks in which it is based. Built in 1936, these barracks named after general Sir Webb Gillman of the British army.

Now, the barracks are occupied by leading Singapore-based and international art galleries; art organisations such as Art Outreach and Playeum – Children's Centre for Creativity; and a selection of fine dining establishments.

The site is also home to the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (NTU CCA Singapore). NTU CCA Singapore’s combination of research, education, exhibitions, and international artist residencies creates a ripple effect in the Singapore art world, breathing in a range of influences and inspirations, and exhaling new, more powerful forms. Gillman Barracks sits at the heart of this ripple, feeding from and off this creative energy.

The redevelopment of the 6.4-hectare site, was officially launched in September 2012 as a joint public-private undertaking between government agencies, the National Arts Council, Singapore Economic Development Board, and the JTC Corporation.

With the aim of fostering cultural and intellectual exchange, and new research as well as showcasing innovative art, the vision of Gillman Barracks is to be Asia’s destination for the presentation and discussion of international and Southeast Asian art.

Today, prominent established and emerging artists exhibit in shows at Gillman Barracks, making it a focal point of Singapore’s visual arts landscape for art lovers, art collectors and those curious about art.

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About the National Arts Council

The National Arts Council champions the arts in Singapore. By nurturing creative excellence and supporting broad audience engagement, we want to develop Singapore as a distinctive global city where the arts inspire our people and connect our communities. We preserve our rich, cultural traditions while we cultivate accomplished artists and vibrant companies for the future. Our support for the arts is comprehensive – from grants and partnerships to industry facilitation and arts housing. The Council welcomes greater private and corporate giving to and through the arts so that together we can make the arts an integral part of everyone's lives. For more information on the Council's mission and plans, visit www.nac.gov.sg.