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Merdeka, the Lonesome Club
Minstrel Kuik, 1972, Masyarakat Adil (Fair Society), the Social Contract versus the Origin Myth, 2019 [150 x 180 x 6.5cm]
Merdeka, the Lonesome Club
Minstrel Kuik, 1971, Masyarakat Progresif (Progressive Society), from Malay Feudalism to Malay Nationalism, 2019, Mixed media (wooden structure, fabrics, threads, pins) [150 x 180 x 6.5cm]
Merdeka, the Lonesome Club
Minstrel Kuik, Alliance of Hope, Putrajaya, 2019. Mixed media (political party flags, pins and thread) [46 x 33.5 x 6.5cm]
Merdeka, the Lonesome Club
Minstrel Kuik, Tuntut Semula Ruang Kita (Reclaim Our Space)!, 2018 [100 x 150cm]
Merdeka, the Lonesome Club
10 May 2019 - 01 Jun 2019  Tues to Sat 11am-7pm, Closed on Mon, Sun & Public Holidays
In Merdeka, the Lonesome Club, Kuik continues her attempt at deciphering how Malaysian democracy and its representative system works vis-à-vis political rhetoric, strategy and tactic. More specifically, she investigates the state apparatus of Merdeka Day and general election, first through the deconstruction of political flags from different parties, and later by appropriating the national narratives through the mix-and-match of fabrics. The fabric assemblages were created through a string of actions such as tearing apart the fabric, ironing, layering, weaving, spacing, composing sand sewing. From this series, Kuik has developed a new visual language within her creative repertoire that emphasizes on materiality, whereby the aspects of material representation and process is inspired by her everyday experience, i.e. sharing and fighting for the same living space with the strangers and the unknown. More importantly, the series serves as personal reminder to the artist of the relations between art and politics.