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Clouds by Wah Nu
Wah Nu, Cloud & the Sea, #017-114, 2019-2020, Acrylic on Canvas, 183 x 274.3 cm
Clouds by Wah Nu
Wah Nu, Cloud #02-111, 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 114 x 139.5 cm
Clouds by Wah Nu
Wah Nu, Cloud #005-045, 2005-2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 46 x 61 cm
Clouds by Wah Nu
03 Apr 2020 - 25 Apr 2020  By Appointment Only
The Clouds series are composed of large paintings, with a vibrant choice of colour scheme. Pictorial and colour composition lend their strengths in tying the paintings together. A sense of playfulness and dream-like quality allows for the viewer’s thoughts to meander without qualms, to wander into their own realms of imagination. Wah Nu’s assertion of painting being a form of play is further explored as she tries to play “within a narrow frame, with the least possible tension.”

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