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47 Malan Road, #01-26, Singapore 109444
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Waiting for the Other Shoe
Dripping Medium, Black 2.0 Paint, Steel Knives on
Wood Mounted Honeycomb Board
Dimensions: Variable Canvas
Dimensions: 21cm x 29.7cm
Waiting for the Other Shoe
Here Is Where I lost 1
Untempered Glass Shards, Acetone Paint, Industrial
Glue, Insulation Foam Spray, Wood Board
45 x 45 cm (approx)
Waiting for the Other Shoe
Fear of Nothing
Tuelle, Velvet, Thread, Concrete Nails, Rope, Tassels and
trimmings on Wood Mount Canvas
120 x 90 cm
Waiting for the Other Shoe
03 Dec 2021 - 23 Dec 2021  11AM - 7PM, Closed on Sun, Mon & PH

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is pleased to announce a debut solo exhibition by Odelia Tang (b.1993) in Singapore. Titled, Waiting for the Other Shoe, it is slated to run from 3 - 23 December 2021 at Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore, Blk 47 Malan Road Singapore 109444.

Our pains remain buried under guises of an alternate productive life. Although we bypass stakes of obvious physical injury, urban living has equally raised the stakes of traumatic, nervous energy and inner blows. This is something we are still coming to terms particularly in the domain of mental well-being and emotional repercussions. In Odelia Tang’s debut solo exhibition Waiting for the Other Shoe, the artist explores depths and facets of pain negotiation with an eye and feel for discerning textures. Shards of sharp glass and other pain-inducing objects careen surfaces to enforce the many methods in which pain can be transmitted: hurled, brandished and maligned. Sheens of black are explored in velvet, tulle and pitch. Beneath the tempers of suggested pain, Tang’s work beckons the viewer to also question its impenetrability. Is pain truly the symbol of harmful, direct consequence we often associate it with, or are we simply looking past the greater stakes it holds for us?