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The Dynamics
YANG Zhenzhong, Passage No.10, Installation|Oil On Wood, 2013, 60*100*15.9 cm
The Dynamics
HU Jieming, 100 Years in 1 Minute (Bruce Nauman, Carra Carlo), Video| Multi-Channel Animation| Installation, Frame: Plexiglass, 2014, 68*26*15 cm
The Dynamics
SHAO Yi, Immateriality Status 1, Installation| Galvanized steel plate,
2016, 118*70 cm 
The Dynamics
LU Lei, The Fountain of Crow, Installation| Casting aluminum sculpture, terrazzo panel, iron base, waste engine oil, compressor, circulating pump, transformer, 2015, 155*165*290 cm 
The Dynamics
JIANG Pengyi, Inconsolable Memories No.18, Photograph| Polaroid
2015, 27.4*21.4 cm 
The Dynamics
XU Zhen, The Last Few Mosquitos, Installation, 2005, 18.5*30.5*11.5 cm 
The Dynamics
23 Sep 2016 - 30 Nov 2016  11AM-7PM

ShanghART Singapore will hold a group exhibition titled The Dynamics from 23 September to 30 November 2016, featuring a range of multi-media art works by Hu Jieming, Jiang Pengyi, Lu Lei, Shao Yi, Xu Zhen, Yang Zhenzhong and Zhang Ding.

The exhibition will be presented in a dynamic way with a variety of moving images and installations. We hope viewers will be able to interact with the works and amongst each other under such a dynamic circumstance.

Artistic creation is a process of materializing one’s imagination and creativity. In some way, imagination invokes inspiration through some medium, which can be anything at all: a mosquito, a woman’s breath, light and shadow, a beautiful moment…Following the imagination, one’s creativity will go even further, to decode the inspiration into a brand new self-expression. This process taps into the organic performance, “Creativity is the strongest example of the dynamic nature of intelligence, and it can call on all areas of our minds and being.”1

This exhibition puts particular emphasis on New Media Art, or so-called Time-Based Art. This kind of art works uses the passage of and the manipulation of time as the essential element, and often includes movement and sound, to engage viewers involved in the final part of the creative process at the point of presentation. For artists, the idea of reactivity and interactivity is also considered as inherent to art works; viewers take great role enhancing the concept of art. In other words, it is the dynamic time, viewers’ interaction and synchronic consciousness that make individual perceptual expression eventually form a vivid artistic filed.

1. Quoted from “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything”, by Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica