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Watch and be Watched - Zhu Jia's Artistic Practice


Foever, 1994

Watch and be Watched - Zhu Jia's Artistic Practice
22 Oct 2013 - 22 Oct 2013  4pm - 6pm

Speakers: Artist Zhu Jia ( 朱� )

Curator: Chen Tong (陈侗)

Venue: 1 McNally Street, LASALLE College of the Arts, F202.

Organized by:  ShanghART and LASALLE College of the Arts

Zhu Jia (b. 1963) is one of the earliest and most influential video artists in China. Repetition and uncertainty is a constant theme in Zhu’s works. Repetition of endless movements provokes dynamic visions from multi-perspectives. Using characteristic wit, humor and poignancy, Zhu reflects upon the vast political, economic and social change in China.

Zhu Jia will dialogue with Chen Tong focusing on his artistic practice with explanation and interpretation from different angles. Via this case study, this talk provides not only a meaningful way to understand Zhu Jia’s work, but also a more insightful understanding to the development and context of Chinese contemporary video art.

As a Singapore Biennale 2013 parallel event, “The Face of Facebook | Zhu Jia’s Singapore Solo Exhibition” will be open from October 23rd until December 9th 2013 at ShanghART Gallery.