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9 Lock Road, #02-22, Singapore 108937

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Wed - Sun 11am - 7pm
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02 Sep 2020 - 31 Dec 2020
The heightened uncertainties in 2020 have pushed changeability to the forefront; people and industries are constantly on their toes, anticipating and adapting to the turn of events.

The art industry is no different, heavy restrictions on international travels and social gatherings have severely hindered the very mechanics behind putting up a show. Many have turned to virtual exhibitions and online programs while others stick close to the ebb and flow of pandemic policies. In this new experimental project, ShanghART Singapore tries to negotiate a mode of existence amid the new normal. While having a physical space provides an anchor to the traditions of gallery visiting, compulsory social distancing measures have further amplified the stoic, impersonal white cube experience. As such, we hope to turn the space into something more flexible, open to changes and conversations.

This project is an ongoing process where the space is constantly being refreshed along the way with different artworks and arrangements, in a bid to reinvent and reshape what the gallery space can do for us, and for you. Come join us for a cup of tea or coffee, look around, ask questions, or flip a book from our little library of art publications.