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The Mountain Echoes : Xue Song Solo Exhibition

Xue Song, The Land That is Rich in Beauty, 2015, 230x170cm, Mixed Media On Canvas

The Mountain Echoes : Xue Song Solo Exhibition

Xue Song, Cola-Landscape, 2014, Dia25cm, Alloy&Swarovski Crystal, Edition of 10

The Mountain Echoes : Xue Song Solo Exhibition

Xue Song, Salute to Mark Rothko 1, 2015, 200cmX100cm, Mixed Media On Canvas

The Mountain Echoes : Xue Song Solo Exhibition

Xue Song, Landscape-Dialogue with Hongren, 2013, 240x180cm, Mixed Media On Canvas

The Mountain Echoes : Xue Song Solo Exhibition
22 Jan 2016 - 20 Mar 2016  10AM - 7PM, Tue-Sun

ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present one of the pioneer “Pop Art” artists in China – Xue Song’s solo exhibition, titled ‘The Mountain Echoes’ from 22nd January to 20th March 2016. The exhibition will showcase his widely known collage of landscapes and poetry. The official opening will be held on 22 January, Saturday, 4-6pm.

Due to his unique artistic language and style, which he uses not only printed images and texts but also soot and ashes to create his work in the early 1990s, he became one of the most influential and representative artists of Chinese Contemporary Art. In his artwork, each fragment expresses the complex aspects of the Chinese history and culture.

In Chinese traditional culture, landscape imagery is often the main theme of artistic creation. Landscape paintings focus on expressing the ‘senses of nature’, with a poetic and picturesque outcome. Guo Xi, a literate and well-known landscape painter from the Northern Song Dynasty once said: "Poetry is like an invisible painting, while a painting is a tactile poetry." When landscape imagery is placed in a contemporary context, a new interpretation full of spirituality, sensitivity and temporal nature is composed. In some of Xue Song’s artwork, the urban life of luxury and pleasure is placed in contrast with the traditional landscape imagery on the same canvas, this forms a poetic variation and creates a strong dialogue between the past and present.

When one opens the door, mountains are all he see, while the mountain remains exactly from a long time ago, but the echo resounding from in between the valleys are those of today and yesterday: “Unsolicited reply/ To a babbling wanderer sent/ Like her ordinary cry/ Like—but oh, how different!” (Quoted from The Mountain Echo, William Wordsworth)

Artist Introduction

Xue Song (b.1965), was born in Anhui Province. He graduated from the Shanghai Drama Institute, Department of Stage Design in 1988. He is living and working in Shanghai. Xue Song has widely exhibited since his first solo-exhibition in 1999. Recent exhibition including New World, XUE Song's Works, K.Gallery, Chengdu(2015); The Fragment Time, Xi'an Art Museum, Xi'an (2013); XUE Song, New Shanghai Style Paintings, MoCA, Singapore (2013); Xue Song: Piercing Through History and the Fashion, A Retrospective from 1988-2011, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (2011); A Fashion, Or the History?, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan (2010); Looking Back: Deconstruction Classics, Xue Song Portfolio, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (2009); Xue Song Solo Exhibition, ArtChina, Hamburg, Germany (2007) etc.