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Art Outreach
Launched in 2003, Art Outreach is a non-profit art education organisation that promotes art appreciation and visual literacy in Singapore. In Gillman Barracks, Art Outreach hosts three signature programmes: Art Access (in-depth guided tours of exhibitions and artist-led workshops for adults and corporates), Art Explorers (tours and workshops for families) and Art Conversations (introductory art appreciation talks).
Art Conversations
In conjunction with Art Day Out In November 2015 and March 2016 at Gillman Barracks, Art Outreach launched its series: Art Conversations. This programme of introductory art appreciation talks for PMEBs, provides a stimulating introduction to a wide range of themes and issues in the arts.
Art Access Corporate Programmes
Art Outreach's Art Access programme invites participants to learn about contemporary art through an in-depth guided tour of an exhibition. Using experiences from the tour as inspiration, participants then take part in a hands-on, artist-led workshop at the Visual Thinking Lab.
Art Explorers at Gillman Barracks
Art Outreach piloted the first of its Art Explorers at Gillman Barracks series in December 2015. This programme invites families to visit the galleries, learn about iconic works of art, then use their experiences as inspiration for art-making in the studio. To launch the programme, families participated in a tour of the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore. This was followed by art workshop led by local artists.
Art Outreach
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