Artwork Etiquette

  • Please do not touch the artworks in the galleries. 

  • Do keep a distance while viewing the artwork as standing too close to the artwork may cause potential damage or obstruct the view of other visitors. 

  • Please avoid bringing large, heavy, and bulky bags to the galleries, or you may request to leave it at the gallery's front desk.

Food & Beverage

  • Please do not bring any food and beverages into the galleries. 


  • Please do not use flash photography or take videos in the galleries. 

  • Still photography (without flash) is permitted for non-commercial use within the galleries. For commercial photography and videography in the galleries or within the Gillman Barracks precinct, please contact gillmanbarracks@gmail.com for enquiries.

  • Please check with the gallery staff if you are unsure and wish to take photographs in the galleries.