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DISINI Outdoor Sculptures
DISINI Outdoor Sculptures
26 January - 30 September 2018

DISINI is an inaugural visual arts festival consisting of a series of events, art exhibitions and public engagements. Spurred by its locale, DISINI borrows its name from the Malay adverb ‘di sini’, meaning ‘over here’ and celebrates the precinct’s rich heritage as a former military barracks as well as its current role as Asia’s leading contemporary arts cluster.

The festival showcases a first wave of outdoor artworks by 7 international, regional and homegrown artists. Featuring works by Dawn Ng (Singapore), Nabilah Nordin (Singapore/Australia), Orkibal (Malaysia), Anon Pairot (Thailand), Felipe Pantone (Argentina/Spain), Maya Rochat (Switzerland) and Lugas Syllabus (Indonesia), expect to be captivated by the DISINI Outdoor Sculptures.

Visit www.disini.art for more information about DISINI.

Catch Yourself If You Can, Lugas Syllabus, 2017. Image Courtesy of Lugas Syllabus.