In Conversation: Field Recordings
DARK~asian~ENERGY -singa~core, album cover. Courtesy CLUBbleu.
In Conversation: Field Recordings
06 Jan 2017 - 06 Jan 2017  7.30 – 11.00PM
How is the city used to create works? What is the interest of musicians and composers as well as artists in city sounds and how do they use field recordings? From dissecting, measuring the affect, colour, and intensity of sound, through composing and expressing state of minds, or just for pure joy, what inspires such work? Composers and musicians Julia Mihály and Felix Leuschner, known as CLUBbleu, together with composer and sound researcher Dr PerMagnus Lindborg will share with audiences how they capture the most characteristic and unique urban sounds and how they use their field recordings.

The conversation will be followed by the launch of CLUBbleu’s latest album of Singapore sounds.

This Conversation is part of the public programme of Incomplete Urbanism: Attempts of Critical Spatial Practice.

CLUBbleu (Germany/Singapore) consists of Felix Leuschner and Julia Mihály. Leuschner is a classically trained drummer and composer with a main focus on music theatre, as well as chamber music and vocal pieces in live-electronics. Influenced by visual arts and architecture in his compositions, Leuschner utilises the e-drums as an instrument to execute sound synthesis in real-time. Mihály is a composer-performer, with a background in classical vocals and electronic composition. The crossover of different music styles, such as contemporary vocal music, computer game sounds, trashy pop, and electro-acoustic music, are trait features of her compositions and performances. Within CLUBbleu, Mihály works with analogue synths, game controllers, and toy instruments.

Dr PerMagnus Lindborg
(Norway/Singapore) has worked with stage performance, dance, opera, multimedia installation, computer music, field recordings, spatial simulation of soundscapes, text, and crossmodal perception. His interactive artwork has been presented at numerous international venues, including Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (1999), Centre Pompidou, France (2003), Ultima, Norway (2006), Onassis Cultural Centre, Greece (2014), and National Gallery Singapore (2015). He was featured composer at WocMAT, Taiwan (2012) and keynote speaker at Volume 2 Symposium, Aalto University, COUNTRY (2016). PerMagnus’ research has been published in the high impact journals PLoS One, Leonardo and Applied Acoustics, among others. Since 2014, Dr Lindborg serves on the board of the International Computer Music Association.
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