Marjetica Potrč, part of CITIES FOR PEOPLE NTU CCA Ideas Fest 2016/17
Project by Marjetica Potrč and class Design for the Living World, HFBK, Soweto: Ubuntu Park, 2014, building materials. The Soweto Project in Orlando East, Soweto, South Africa, is an initiative of Nine Urban Biotopes - Negotiating the Future of Urban Living, supported by The Culture Programme of the European Union and HFBK Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Terry Kurgan. Courtesy Marjetica Potrč.
Event Workshop
Marjetica Potrč, part of CITIES FOR PEOPLE NTU CCA Ideas Fest 2016/17
13 Jan 2017 - 22 Jan 2017
Participatory Project
World Cafe: Air, Land, and Water by Marjetica Potrč
Tuesday, 17 January 2017, 10.00am – 6.00pm
Behind Block 43 Malan Road

Adopting the World Cafe methodology (an effective format for large group dialogue), the two-part workshop will bring together a diverse group of people including grassroots communities, environmental activists, and other social interest groups, who are engaged with environmental and sustainability issues. In this workshop, participants will hold presentations and discussions on topics of urgency relating to air and water. Participants are asked not only to consider the current state of matters, but more importantly, to project solutions and desires for the future. The process begins with small group presentations and conversations with each group focusing on one elected topic, after which participants rotate and move to another topic.

The final aim of the workshop will be for the participants to come up with proposals/manifestos for the future and present them to invited representatives from relevant state agencies and ministries.

Through this project, Marjetica Potrč lays a special focus on participation and agency. Individual empowerment, problem-solving-tools, and long-term strategies are key in her approach.

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Marjetica Potrč (Slovenia/Germany) is an artist and architect. Her work includes drawing, architectural case studies, and public art projects. Since 2011, she leads a class of participatory practice, Design for the Living World, at the University of Fine Arts (HFBK) in Hamburg, Germany. In Potrč's view, the sustainable solutions that are implemented and disseminated by communities serve to empower these communities and help create a democracy built from below. Potrč has received numerous awards, including the Hugo Boss Prize (2000) and the Vera List Center for Arts and Politics Fellowship (2007) at The New School in New York, United States.
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