Residencies Insight: Mapping Institutional Models by Riksa Afiaty (Indonesia), Curator-in-Residence
Image credit: ContainerBy Detours, Institute for eggs, where the chicken does an institutional turn, 2016. Image taken at a platform for freebuilding experimentation and social entrepreneurship in Copenhagen. Courtesy Riksa Afiaty.
Residencies Insight: Mapping Institutional Models by Riksa Afiaty (Indonesia), Curator-in-Residence
07 Mar 2018 - 07 Mar 2018  7.30 – 9.00pm
What kind of structures determine the need for art institutions in specific contexts? What is the role of art institutions in Singapore and what perspective on art are they shaping? Interested in how art institutions operate within the socio-political climate they endure, Riksa Afiaty explores ideas and models to produce alternative ways of thinking about art focusing primarily on institutions that use art as a tool to engage with social issues. In the context of this talk, Singapore is framed as a site where different kind of institutions coexist ­–independent art spaces and collecting institutions, archival practices and research-based organizations– in order to raise questions about production and participation and to address potential, albeit not necessarily probable, scenarios for the arts and the broader cultural sphere.

Riksa Afiaty (Indonesia) lives and works in Jakarta. She recently co-curated with Charles Esche the exhibition Power and Other Things: Indonesia & Art (1835-NOW) at Bozar – Palais des beaux arts in Brussels for Europalia Art Festival 2017. She was part of the Curators Lab of the Jakarta Biennale 2015. As a member of the contemporary art organisation ruangrupa from 2011 to 2016, she was involved with OK Video – Indonesia Media Art Festival and ARTLAB. In 2013, she received a grant from Rumah Seni Cemeti to pursue her research on street art and graffiti. Her current research on non-Western models for art institutions is supported by a grant from the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.
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