Lepak Readings: Randolf Arriola, Karl Kerridge, Kai Lam, and Terence Lau
Jam session during inaugural Free Jazz, 2013, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore.
Lepak Readings: Randolf Arriola, Karl Kerridge, Kai Lam, and Terence Lau
21 Sep 2018 - 21 Sep 2018  8.00 – 10.00PM
This special edition of Lepak Readings presents four musicians—and also frequent visitors of the Independent Archive—playing, jamming, and improvising solo, in pairs and groups. Between them, their music spans across different genres, from electronic and experimental music to folk and blues. Here, we bring to The Lab a little bit of the musical improvisations and a jamming session that spontaneously erupts for no rhyme or reason at the Independent Archive.



Randolf Arriola (Singapore) is Founder of Live Loop Asia, a showcase of musicians from Asia that unites creativity with technology through live looping created by layering voice and guitar. His music is the sonic amalgamation of moods, textures, and harmonic vocabularies that embrace and expand beyond eras, cultures, and geography.

Karl Kerridge
(Ireland/Singapore) is a painter, draughtsman, and guitar player. Though primarily a painter, he is sometimes known to dabble in guitar playing across genres, and improvising with as little effects and pre-rehearsed arrangements as possible.

Kai Lam (Singapore) practices multidisciplinary art that is geared towards performative tendencies. In his aural and visual performances, he performs as Singlish Punk and B.O.A. As Singlish Punk, he uses a cross-disciplinary approach to experimental musical and performative presentations, while as B.O.A he is an electronic music alter ego of the former.

Terence Lau
(Singapore) is an emergent esoteric sound artist that excels at disarming melody lines and uses random sound samples to add texture to his pieces. His works can be said to be a cross between music and soundscape.


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