Workshop: Weeds, Wildflowers, and the Wonders of Nature by Nature Society (Singapore)
Workshop: Foraging at Gillman Barracks with Alexius Yeo, Carbon InQ, 2018. Courtesy NTU CCA Singapore
Workshop: Weeds, Wildflowers, and the Wonders of Nature by Nature Society (Singapore)
28 Feb 2019 - 02 Mar 2019  10AM - 1PM
Registration required via Peatix: wondersofnature.peatix.com

Nature reserves and parks are often thought of as places to seek out beautiful and interesting plants. It may surprise us that fascinating and useful plants can actually be found all around us – many people call them weeds. In this workshop, participants will look for “weeds,” see where they grow and identify them. We will search for information on their ecology, their broader distributions, and their various uses. Come prepared to spend a day learning about amazing plants that we encounter (and more often than not, overlook) every day. We may discover that our neighbourhoods are richer and more beautiful than they already are.


The Nature Society(Singapore) (NSS) has been an active member of Singapore civil society for over 60 years. It functions as an activity, advocacy, and outreach group, while delivering the scientific data needed to monitor the state of local wildlife to manage, protect, and promote it. NSS works with the conviction that a Singapore with thriving nature is a better Singapore for people and for wildlife.

A public programme of Jef Geys Quadra Medicinale Singapore.
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