Residencies Insights: Artist talk and screening by Munem Wasif (Bangladesh), Artist-in-Residence
Munem Wasif, Machine Matter, 2017, Single channel video, 14m05s, BW, Stereo, Loop. Installation view, Sharjah Biennial 14. Courtesy the artist and Project 88
Residencies Insights: Artist talk and screening by Munem Wasif (Bangladesh), Artist-in-Residence
20 Jun 2019 - 20 Jun 2019  7PM – 8.30PM

Deeply enmeshed with the political complexities of the Bengal region, the artistic practice of Munem Wasif addresses the aftermaths of colonialism, issues of environmental exploitation, and the social repercussions of divisive border policing in the wake of globalisation. In this talk, the artist will discuss previous and recent projects that exemplify his working methodology, aesthetic criteria, and commitment to images—both still and moving­—that capture, convey, and transcend reality. The talk will be followed by the screening of Wasif’s two short-films Kheyal (2015-18) and Machine Matter (2017), which are part of the Centre’s screening series Faces of Histories.


Munem Wasif
 (Bangladesh) explores complex socio-political issues through photography and video. His artistic practice is marked by close engagement and intimate commitment, both physical and psychological, to his subjects of interest and it usually unfolds through long-term research processes. While interested in the archival and social value of documentary photography, his works often confound the boundaries between fact and fiction. He has participated in international exhibitions such as Sharjah Biennial 14 (2019); the 9th Asia Pacific Triennale of Contemporary Art, Brisbane (2018-19); An Atlas of Mirrors, Singapore Biennale (2016), among numerous others. Wasif is currently Artist-in-Residence at NTU CCA Singapore (2 April – 1 July 2019).

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