Singapore Art Book Fair 2019
Courtesy Singapore Art Book Fair 2019.
Singapore Art Book Fair 2019
28 Jun 2019 - 30 Jun 2019


The programme for Singapore Art Book Fair 2019 explores the media of publishing as a research space. The programme brings together local, regional, and international publishers, writers, artists, and scholars who deal with what it means to publish about art as a knowledge-producing format and engage with its various discourses.

Singapore Art Book Fair (SGABF) is an independent multi-day festival specialising in contemporary art books & zines.

Held annually, this event is free and open to the public. It will host exhibitors from around the world including artists, publishers, small presses, and printmakers. SGABF celebrates and represents artists’ books, zines, monographs, contemporary art editions, and other printed ephemera. Talks and workshops hosted at the fair provide resources that will deepen the appreciation and increase the awareness of the printed matter.

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Day 1: Friday, 28 June

7.30 – 8pm  Performances by Ujikaji

The beat writer William Burroughs wrote: “Word begets image and image is virus.” The opening performances will comprise of musicians who work heavily with foundations of words and text, transforming them into viral images through sound, voice, instruments, and technology.

Day 2: Saturday, 29 June

10.30am – 12pm  Panel: On Publishing 

The conversation will revolve around the role of publishing art writing and cultural histories, with representatives from both established and relatively young imprints questioning the role institutions play in creating a discursive space for writing art histories.

2 – 3.30pm  Panel: On Critical Writing 

This discussion will focus on the contemporary landscape of critical writing. How do writers, scholars, and artists understand, define, and practise critical writing? It will examine why such writing is needed and what influence and role it plays not only within the art scene, but also within a broader discourse.

4 – 5.30pm  Panel: On Publishing Series

Questions around current developments and discourses (or their lack) will be the focus of this session. What affects and steers the critical reader/magazine landscape in the wider Asia-Pacific region and beyond?

7.30 – 8pm  Performance by Kin Leonn

Organised by KITCHEN. LABEL
Utilising a palette of reverb-drenched guitar, synthesiser harmonies, and a system of MIDI-driven software triggers, Kin Leonn will construct a temporary world of immersive atmospheres using instinct and emotional response to sonic occurrence.

Day 3: Sunday, 30 June

10am – 1pm  Workshop: Performing the Voice by Quinn Latimer

This workshop will focus on the performance of language—the voice—an everyday enactment that is often cast, inaccurately, as “natural,” inevitable, and unrehearsed. It will examine how the performance of language encourages the development of a radical subjectivity, as well as how a new kind of oral and literary culture—one that circulates through digital technologies via messaging and online practices—has transformed how we conceive of and perform language on a daily basis.

12.30 – 1.30pm Facebook Artist in Residence Programme: Open Form by The Facebook Art Department

This panel discussion invites members of the FB Art Department to speak on the collaborative decisions that put together Open Form, a publication which celebrates the Facebook Artist in Residence (AIR) programme’s recent five-year anniversary. Open Formtraces the development of the AIR programme from its roots in the counterculture of San Francisco Bay Area, to its integration within the company’s hacker culture. Featuring over 200 art commissions worldwide, the book serves to replicate immersive artistic experiences through the medium of the analogue book. Local AIR artists will also be present to share their views on creating analogue art in a digital world, and how the AIR experience has influenced their practice.

2 – 3pm  In Conversation: Seenthesis: Visual Literacy through Singapore Photography

This session is an attempt to put together a resource book for school educators on creating engaging classroom art activities. Across 168 pages, with over 100 works by 28 photo artists, the book provides a basic fundamental overview of the medium and the social history of photography in Singapore. The launch presentation will share the concept and process in developing content to complement the school arts curriculum, and how Seenthesisultimately hopes to enable visual literacy among youths through photography from Singapore. 

3.30 – 5pm  Panel: The City as… The City for…

The critical spatial discussions of this panel advances from an understanding of the built environments from regional perspectives and practices, that are situated within global discourse, focusing on regional bottom-up city planning that is informed by postcolonial heritages, tropical modernities, and global architectural approaches. Reflecting also the cultural formats of how we can engage in such questions, the discussion will offer a rich source of artistic/activist interventions and their imaginary of “art on a civic scale.” 

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