Symposium: Biodiver-city and Urban Futures
Animali Domestici, "Bangkok Opportunistic Ecologies" (detail), 2019, printed synthetic fabric canvas, embroidery, 300 x 300 cm. Courtesy the artists.
Symposium: Biodiver-city and Urban Futures
18 Jan 2020 - 18 Jan 2020  2PM – 5PM
Venue: The Single Screen, Block 43 Malan Road

2.00 – 2.15pm
Introduction by Ute Meta Bauer, Founding Director, NTU CCA Singapore, and Professor, NTU ADM, and Laura Miotto, Associate Professor, NTU ADM

2.15 – 3.00pm
Lecture: A Global Art Criticism for a Global Climate Crisis
by Jason Farago, art critic, The New York Times

From Schiller and Hegel onward, art critics and philosophers of aesthetics have defined art in contrast to nature—but that distinction has collapsed in the epoch of the Anthropocene, when humans have become the authors of geology itself. This talk will consider how artists and curators have approached urbanisation, climate change, and extinction in the 21st century, from Hou Hanru's Zone of Urgency (Venice Biennale, 2003) to Maria Stavrinaki's Prehistory (Centre Pompidou, 2019). It will also assess the climate externalities of the global art market, and how fairs, biennials, and other nodes of the global art world might reshape themselves in a post-carbon economy.

3.20 – 5.00pm
Presentation and Conversation: Biodiver-city and Urban Futures
with Animali Domestici, artists; Yun Hye Hwang, Associate Professor, School of Design and Environment, NUS; Sarah Ichioka, Desire Lines; and Michelle Lai, TANAH; moderated by Laura Miotto, Associate Professor, NTU ADM

Thinking through co-existence of species and the city as a habitat for diverse life forms, this panel consists of artists, researchers, and practitioners for whom interspecies interaction is at the core of their practice. Animali Domestici studied the existence of pythons in the city of Bangkok, Yun Hye Hwang observes the outcomes of zero intervention on landscapes, Sarah Ichioka looks at social-impact architecture at the intersections of urban planning and ecology, and Michelle Lai advocates for urban farming embedded in local culture and knowledge.
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