Post-PopUp at CCA

01 Oct 2014 - 31 Oct 2014

More than [show] business: Post-PopUp at CCA
13 June–30 October
Block 38 Malan Road,Studio #01-07
Gillman Barracks

October marks the end of our collaboration with Post Museum. We have enjoyed their energy and activities ranging from exhibitions of a new generation of artists, yoghurt making workshops and robust discussion on internet security. We conclude our collaboration with a programme examining the way artists have addressed the vexed idea of art history as well as look at what alternatives artist run initiatives can provide for the production and presentation of contemporary art and civil society. For updated information on their expansive schedule please see the Post Museum Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/postmuseum

Post-PopUp at CCA is generously supported by the NAC.

Print Lab
3–5 October
Fri 5–8pm, Sat/Sun 12�–5.30pm
Print Lab (May – June 2014) was Grey Projects’ first ever Art & Design publication exhibition, featuring an eclectic range of self-published zines and books by artists, art students, designers, writers, architects, and craft artisans. It was also the first opportunity that we know of for self-published creations in Singapore, where veterans and first-timers alike came together to produce a dizzying array of print publications.

“Vois sur ton chemin (Look upon your path)”
7–10 October
Art exhibition by Kelvin Atmadibrata (Indonesia).
“Vois sur ton chemin” (Look upon your path) tells the story of an angel who falls from the sky and lands on an idling snail, crushing it to death. “Vois sur ton chemin” is a personal narrative that is visualised through Kelvin’s interest in performance-installation, story telling and the exploration towards translation and language.

“Squatting Knowledges”
11 October
Project by DiscLab | Research and Criticism (Manila).
Discussion Lab (DiscLab) is a Manila-based independent art research group that contemplates on the recent and ongoing activities in Philippine contemporary art. It situates the public in the process of participation in a critical discussion of art.

“Singapore Really Really Free Market”
25–26 October, 2-7pm
A temporary market based on an alternative gift economy, i.e. all goods and services are free. Bring stuff to give away or share your skills with others!

“Stories of art by artists”
1-2 November, exact timing TBC
As part of the CCA collaboration with Post Museum, we end the “Post-PopUp at CCA” with the aim of exploring how art history and cultural production is constructed by artists. “Stories of art by artists” is divided into sections, the first is “Moving forward while taking a look back” involves an examination of how artists have been active in this process of reflecting on and constructing art history. “Someone’s got to do it” takes cue from artist run initiatives and different ways artists are engaging with and building art institutions involving KOURN Lyna from Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Antares Bartolome an artist/curator based in Manila among other guests. This project will include the creation of a temporary reading room where visitors can peruse various texts from the speakers’ locale. Further information will follow.

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (NTU CCA Singapore)
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