NTU CCA Singapore Residencies: OPEN

Mixtape cover. PM – 002, Arjuna Neuman, found image from the Smithsonian Collection.

NTU CCA Singapore Residencies: OPEN

James Jack, Boat to Khayalan Island. Permanent outdoor installation. Wood from 3 former houses on the island, 2014 - . Art Base Momoshima

NTU CCA Singapore Residencies: OPEN

Charles Lim, detail from SEA STATE video installation ‘untitled’. Courtesy of the artist.

NTU CCA Singapore Residencies: OPEN
20 Mar 2015 - 20 Mar 2015  7PM - 11PM
FEE: Free admission

Residencies: OPEN as a format invites audiences to engage in the artistic studio research of NTU CCA Singapore's Artists and Curators-in-Residence.

Charles Lim, Video Installation: Sand Searcher
Block 37 Malan Road, Studio #01-01
In a meditation about sand, this installation explores the notion of land reclamation and the desire to make the finite, infinite. As a former professional sailor, Charles Lim explores issues of the biophysical in unravelling Singapore’s complex relationship with the sea. During his residency, the artist researched the notion of imaginative territoriality, the tropic climate and the lives of those through which our perceptions of the sea may be inverted. Charles Lim will present the culmination of his SEA STATE series for the Singapore Pavilion at the 56ᵗʰ Venice Biennale (9 May – 22 November 2015).

James Jack, Stories of Khayalan Island
Block 38 Malan Road, Studio #01-05
Part 1: KHAYALAN ISLAND, a reading / Wednesday 18 March, 7.30 - 9.00pm
Stories of Khayalan Island is a research project of James Jack which looks at shifting definitions of place.
Part 2: Map to Khayalan Island, an interactive event / Friday 20 March, 7.00 - 11.00pm
The artist invites participants to trace the outline of an island in their imagination. By drawing the borders of each coastline in time, islands that are at risk of being lost are reclaimed through imagination.

Arjuna Neuman, Parallel Mix – 002: Multi-Cultural Dread
Block 38 Malan Road, Studio #01-06
Arjuna Neuman will create an interactive sonic experience that remembers the dark and strange, and the seething-togetherness of Jungle raves. The audience can enjoy the live DJ set through an exclusive download code allowing them to stream the audiovisual session on their mobile devices.

Koh Nguang How, Six Decades of Art Ephemera from SAAP@CCA
Block 38 Malan Road, Studio #01-07
The exhibition Art Ephemera from SAAP@CCA or Six Decades of Art Ephemera in Singapore marks the end of Koh Nguang How's residency at the NTU CCA Singapore. The artist specially curated for Singapore Design Week 2015 printed material from the Singapore Art Archive Project which will feature invitation cards, posters, flyers, leaflets, catalogues, newspapers and magazines from the 1950s to 1990s.

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