Artist Resource Platform: Bring it to LIFE – Episode 4: Geraldine Kang

Geraldine Kang, This city by any other name (Would smell just as white) (2012 - In progress). Courtesy of the artist.

Artist Resource Platform: Bring it to LIFE – Episode 4: Geraldine Kang
07 Jul 2015 - 12 Jul 2015  Exhibition hours

Episode 4: Geraldine Kang
2 Parts 2 (2015)
Opening reception: Thursday 10 July, 7.00pm

Geraldine Kang’s installation relooks the current layout of the Artist Resource Platform where the folders of each artist’s practice and the tables they rest on form a linear path of movement within the space. By sawing tables in two and repositioning folders from the Platform, Kang removes linearity of its current layout and proposes a more participatory mode of engagement for the visitors.

Geraldine Kang is a visual artist working and living in Singapore whose relationship with photography funnels into two main threads, firstly using the medium as a private introspective channel, and secondly by exploring the undercurrents and ambivalences of familiar places.


On view at The Lab (Block 43 Malan Road) throughout June, the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore Artist Resource Platform aims to provide local and visiting curators, researchers and scholars with a point of entry to the work and practice of local artists, independent art spaces and NTU CCA Singapore’s Artist-in-Residence. From 16 June, the Platform will be activated through Bring it to LIFE, a curatorial response to the Platform. Structured in four different episodes, Bring it to LIFE brings to the fore artworks by Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, Kray Chen, Sufian Samsiyar, and Geraldine Kang, that directly engage with the subject matter of PLACE.LABOUR.CAPITAL through themes of migration and capital transactions. In addition, it uses spatial interventions as a tool to highlight that the production of meaning is also a spatial process and our movement into a confined place impacts upon the way we relate to it and make meaning out of it.

Conceived by a constellation of voices from NTU CCA Singapore, this project is curated by Shona Findlay, Curatorial Assistant, Residencies, Syaheedah Iskandar, Curatorial Assistant, Exhibitions, Samantha Leong, Executive, Conference, Workshops & Archive, and Kimberly Shen, Manager, Communications.

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