Workshop: Material Encounters by Dinu Bodiciu (Romania)

Regina (Maria) Möller, Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave​, 2015. Courtesy of NTU CCA Singapore.

Workshop: Material Encounters by Dinu Bodiciu (Romania)
12 Dec 2015 - 12 Dec 2015  1.00 - 4.00pm

For a designer, regardless of any particular field of practice, material is the key of expression, which can shape ideas in a multitude of possibilities. The workshop by fashion designer Dinu Bodiciu explores the materiality of a fashion artefact as the stimulus for various stories told from different perspectives.

This workshop is part of the research project Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave by Regina (Maria) Möller.

Dinu Bodiciu is a Romanian fashion and accessories designer currently teaching Fashion Design in Singapore at LASALLE College of the Arts. His designs are conceptualised as extensions of human body as well as articulations of our desires and fantasies. In his practice, he looks into new technologies and how these can be applied to fashion & accessories design. His projects include collaborations with Lady Gaga, Hunger Games 3&4, KCPK, while his designs have been featured in various fashion & design magazines and specialist books published around the world.

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