Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave by Visiting Professor, Regina (Maria) Möller (Norway)

Regina (Maria) Möller, Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave​, 2015. Courtesy of NTU CCA Singapore.

Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave by Visiting Professor, Regina (Maria) Möller (Norway)
04 Dec 2015 - 20 Mar 2016  Exhibition hours

“Patterns – cloth and textiles as text in Southeast Asia – imbedding cultural interrelations and the question of identities” in times of global sameness, is​ Regina (Maria) Möller's research focus. Möller's research in The Lab stems from her interest in the trademark headdress of Samsui women, and will elaborate with time through experimental, collaborative and participatory forms of research practice. During workshops, lectures or formats of story telling, new layers will be added to reflect upon each other and trigger next threads for an ever expanding weave.

Regina (Maria) Möller artist, writer and educator, founder of “regina” magazine and the (art) label “embodiment”. Her work is experimental, crossdisciplinary and gender-oriented and includes a wide spectrum of disciplines and mediums to make her work accessible to a broader public.

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