Children's Interactive Exhibition: Making It Home
Children's Interactive Exhibition: Making It Home
Children's Interactive Exhibition: Making It Home
Children's Interactive Exhibition: Making It Home
02 Nov 2017 - 29 Apr 2018  10AM TO 6PM

Playeum’s next hands-on exhibition, ‘Making It Home’ - will run from Tuesday 16th May 2017 – Sunday 29th April 2018. Focused on dreaming rooms, making spaces and creating places, it will celebrate the home as a source of creativity, artistry and thinking. The exhibition will allow children and parents to experience the home as the source of many ordinary materials that can have multiple purposes and can support imagination, innovation and sustainability.

The spaces within the Children’s Centre for Creativity will be transformed into different ‘rooms’, each with a different purpose, opportunities to explore, experiment and redefine. Children can dream of their future, bring together colours, materials and designs for floors walls and ceilings, with textiles, paint and construction material. All activities feature Playeum’s unique pedagogies and will be supported by Playeum’s trained team of Playmakers.

Within the freedom of the space, children will enjoy and play with ideas that can transform the centre into a unique sensory, aesthetic and making place, that children from all ages and backgrounds can truly make their home. Here are the different spaces within the exhibition:

The Central Space: Creating Connections
How many children consider the pipes that have the important job of carrying water into and away from the home? This creative installation offers children the chance to encounter the versatility of PVC drain pipes and bring their personal ideas to make infinite installations that can create connections.

The Bedroom: Dreams & Drama
The bedroom has for a long time been a space and hideaway in which dreams and emotions are acted out. Inspired by dreams of their own, children will get to use textiles and more to transform themselves and engage in make-believe play.


The Future Living Room
Known as a communal space where multiple generations come together at home, talking and relaxing, the ‘Future Living Room’ invites children to think and play with magnets to show their own ideas of games and stories.


The Storey Room
The store room is known to be a dark, slightly scary space that stores odd and sometimes discarded items. In ‘Making It Home’, the store room is transformed into a ‘story room’, with shadows and colours that uses technology to make everyday objects come to life for story-making.

The Laundry Room: Agile Textiles
The laundry room is a space where different types of textiles are gathered at home, and at ‘Making It Home’, it’s no different. Children can explore the world of laundry and cloth through weaving and peg-play. They can watch their textile creations flow as they are hung from a laundry pole.

The Kitchen: Cooking Up Ideas
The kitchen is a space for touch, smell and experimentation! Children will use a variety of materials such as sand and kitchen instruments to engage and focus on sensory play. Their explorations can also include the real herbs growing just outside the Children’s Centre for Creativity.

The Playmaking Space: Pulling Up Ideas
Surrounded by quirky pulleys and a range of resources, children can explore and express their thoughts through tinkering and constructing creations with reusable materials, upcycling them to create something new for their own home.

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