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Hands-on Exhibition for Children: Going Play-ces
Hands-on Exhibition for Children: Going Play-ces
15 May 2018 - 28 Apr 2019  10am to 6pm

Playeum’s hands-on interactive exhibition “GOING PLAY-CES: A Wanderful Exploration of New Lands” opens from 15th May 2018!

The themes of this exhibition emerged out of consultations and conversations with our stakeholders - children, parents, educators, artists and field practitioners.

Co-created by Playeum, Participate In Design and artists from D/SINI and The Animal Book Co, this exhibition gives visitors opportunities to navigate and explore Play-ces through various landscapes such as the sea, jungle, city and beyond. Children will experience and engage with their imagination, while thinking about sustainability, innovation and the role of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in everyday life and the future.

The exhibition drives home important social messages - the necessity of creativity and play in 21st century learning skills, the need for sustainability and the impact children have as young citizens to respond to the challenges of the world they live in. Find out more about the different spaces here:

Evolving Ocean

How much plastic do we throw into our oceans? What devastating effect does plastic pollution have on our seas and marine life? The Evolving Ocean invites children to wonder about the effect of our actions on the environment. The plastic materials used in the installation creates a visual impact that ripples and flows, resembling waves, and represents the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives.


Homeland is where it all begins. No matter where we are on the planet, everyone shares the clouds in the sky. As young and old visitors prepare themselves to take flight for an unexpected journey to discover new play-ces, Playum invites them to learn of their history, pedagogy and visions of the future. Greeted by clouds made from ordinary materials, visitors are welcomed and encouraged to leave their mark in this space.

Land of Light

Life as we know it would not be possible without light. Inspired by the sun, the Land of Light stirs children’s visual senses. They explore opacity, imagine and play with colours in varied forms through interaction with light structures.

The Beyond

A journey in space beyond reality and an infinite interplay of light, color, patterns and symmetry allows children to discover what is not obvious to the common eye! Through interaction with a wall of geometric shapes, children are invited to intervene, disrupt and manipulate the space. As they move the shapes around and play with colored lights of various sizes, they are inspired to learn about reflection and refraction through movement in space.


In Jungaloo, children step out of their urban comfort zone and into nature. By crawling through a manmade jungle weave of recycled fabric, rope and string which grows over time, they discover the intricacies of the jungle. A soil pit of varying heights allows children to wonder about the purpose of natural growth. They can observe their surroundings and who knows what you might see outside the window!

Scrapper City

In this experimental space, there is no such thing as waste. Playeum believes that things going into the bin has potential to expand children’s imagination as they figure out ways to give these items a new purpose. Children have the opportunity come together to think, imagine and collaborate of how to use everyday materials in a new light. From large scrap items such as tubes, hoses, tires, and pipes, to other items that are often regarded as trash, there is more to it than just reinvention in this space.

The Future Maker Space

The Future Maker Space is inspired by the global call for children to reinvent and reimagine their world, and that can even include building a marble run from scratch! The space encourages them to search through different types of industrial and electronic waste, and imagine how items can be deconstructed, reinvented and transformed to breathe new life. The Scrap Droids cupboards and drawers hold many surprises and store a myriad of parts and pieces for hours of endless experimentation.

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