A gallery shop based in Singapore that collects, creates and curates objects, Supermama hopes to engage every consumer as an individual. Supermama works closely with many Singapore designers and Japanese craft facilities to produce “omiyage” (contemporary giftware) that represents the contemporary Singapore culture.

Designed in Singapore
Since its inception, Supermama had worked with more than 100 local (Singapore) designers, illustrators, design studios and creative agencies. The main reason for the engagement of local designers is to position the shop as a single stop retail outfit which carries the widest range of Singapore content. Some of the creatives include Anonymous, Ampulets, The Press Room, Hjgher, Little Drom Store, Sokkuan Tye, MessyMsxi, Speak Cryptic, Mindflyer, Somewhere Else, Dawn Ng, Olivia Lee, Kinetic, Nathan Yong, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Roots, A Beautiful Design, Hanson Ho, &Larry, Patrick Chia etc.

Made in Japan
Supermama’s collections emphases on contemporary Singapore design and traditional materials such as porcelain, wood, metal, fabric, paper and glass. By engaging the best of Singapore’s creative industry and the finest canvas provided by the best craftsmanship found in Japan, the various collections seek to present the very best of Asian content. Some Japanese makers include Kihara Inc (porcelain), Nousaku Corp (metal casting), Duomo Ltd (embroidery, socks), Shotoku Glass (glass), Maruju (fabric), Legnatec (wooden furniture), Chusin Kubo (iron casting) etc.

Collections/ Labels include:

  • Singapore Icons
  • Vanda
  • Time & Style
  • Little Red Dot
  • Aspects
  • From Another Time
Blk 47 Malan Road #01-26, Singapore 109444
By Appointments Only via info@supermama.sg

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